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Day: 10th August 2021

Life Purpose Coaching

In this class, you will learn how to discover your life purpose. It will help you to know how to capitalize on your natural talents,

Organizational Leadership System Education

Leaders do not maintain followers; they create more leaders. This is a 2-day dynamic live training seminar designed for organizations. The training is available for

Wealth Creation Training

Are you poor or wealthy? Think about the question again and again. Poor people always think and talk about money – I need money, I

Agile Transformation Coaching

Agile is the next generation learning framework. This is the adoption of Scrum and Kanban education in a team or an organization. We work with

Servant Leadership Philosophy Advanced Training

The most important need in our world today is to raise able leaders and empower them to raise others. Therefore, we are extending a 2-day

National Transformation Training (NTT)

There is one challenge many political leaders in the world is facing: I tried to understand why, no matter the level of education or how