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National Transformation Training (NTT)

There is one challenge many political leaders in the world is facing: I tried to understand why, no matter the level of education or how many ideologies, experiences, and programs people were taught about leadership, there always seemed to be a missing component that was a wall preventing many of them from becoming true leaders and breaking through to their fullest leadership capacity.

How can we move from seeking power to passion driven by a noble cause? How can we create a national leadership environment with a sense of meaning and significance? How can we reduce or stop the system of oppression, subjugation, subordination, manipulation, or depression among our national leaders?

True national leaders are eminent by a unique mental attitude that originates from a personal discovery, which creates a powerful, positive, and confident self-belief and self-worth. I strongly believe that true leadership is the ability and the capacity to inspire people to do what they thought they could not do with a sense of purpose and vision.

Leadership is not an exclusive club for the elite. Every human has the ability and capacity for leadership. However, most people in African nations do not have the courage or will to cultivate it. The national transformation code will introduce and develop the knowledge, confidence, and practical leadership skills required to create national vision and achieve national goals.

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