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About Wale Adekanla

Wale Adekanla is counted among one of the best keynote motivational speakers in the world.  He is a leading authority on leadership execution and strategy. He has studied many successful leaders throughout history around the world and is able to relay his knowledge and expertise with passion and authority.  Wale Adekanla is a highly-sought after consultant in professional and business circles for entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, religious organizations, and leaders from all walks of life. As a renowned speaker and leading authority on personal and professional success, he leaves every audience with a positive mindset and a clear sense of purpose.

“Leadership is the ability and the capacity to inspire people to do what they thought they couldn’t do with a sense of purpose and vision.”- Wale Adekanla


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    MOEL (Moving from Ordinary to Extraordinary Life) Conference was initiated to create an environment where leaders and emerging leaders can connect and collaborate with each other and share knowledge, strategies and execution plans to multiply success and influence the world.

    To create inspired, empowered and result-oriented leaders who understand true leadership, and are committed to personal and organizational success and sharing their knowledge and strategies with others to inspire them to become better leaders.

    To create a generation of purposeful, inspired and empowered leaders who are dedicated to personal success and legacy, leadership multiplication, and influence culture.